A lot has been written in the papers just a while ago about the bingo industry struggling as a result of the cigarette ban in England. Things have become so bad that in Scotland the Bingo industry has asked for big aid to assist in keeping the businesses afloat. However can the internet adaptation of this traditional game offer a escape, or will it in no way compare to its land based opposite?

Bingo has been an familiar game generally played by the "blue rinse" generation. Although the game recently had witnessed a recent increase in appeal with younger men and women opting to visit the bingo halls in place of the discos on a Saturday night. All this is about to be reversed with the legislating of the anti cigarette law across Britain.

No longer will players be permitted to smoke at the same time marking off their numbers. From the summer of ‘07 every public location will no longer be permitted to allow cigarettes in their locations and this includes Bingo parlors, which are possibly the most favorite places where players like to smoke.

The results of the cigarette ban can already be felt in Scotland where smoking is already prohibited in the bingo halls. Numbers have plunged and the industry is beyond a doubt struggling for to stay alive. But where have all the players gone? Obviously they haven’t cast aside this established game?

The answer is online. Gamblers realize that they can wager on bingo using their computer at the same time enjoying a beverage and smoke and in the end, enjoy huge prizes. This is a recent phenomenon and has timed itself bordering on perfect with the anti cigarette law.

Of course wagering on on the net will never replace the collective part of going over to the bingo parlor, but for a group of men and women the rules have left a good many bingo enthusiasts with little option.